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MW Insurance is committed to providing a Quality Service to all Clients to achieve good customer outcomes, which include client satisfaction. (Feedback from clients, including complaints is considered an important part of client satisfaction).

A complaint relating to a financial advice service is an expression of dissatisfaction made to the Financial Advice Provider or person engaged by MW Insurance, about a product, service or failure to provide a service or advice.  Dissatisfaction becomes a complaint when the Client requires an action to be taken.

MW Insurance is committed to resolving complaints received and recognises the right of complainants to be dealt with fairly, timely and with a transparent manner.

The Internal Complaints process includes information about the complaints handling process and how to access the external dispute resolution scheme. 


How to make a Complaint

If you have a problem, concern or you are dissatisfied with either a product or financial advice service that have been provided by us or our Advisers and you require action to be taken, please tell us so that we can help and fix the issue.  

If a complaint is received, we will approach all complaints with an open mind, listen and treat each complainant as an individual and with courtesy and respect. We will promptly acknowledge the complaint at the earliest possible opportunity and make every attempt to resolve your complaint in a timely manner, with staff escalating as necessary to Senior Management or the Complaints Manager.

You will receive a written decision, remedies, and resolution as soon as practicable after we have decided the outcome.


When investigating a complaint, the Complaints Manager will make every reasonable effort to investigate all relevant circumstances and information surrounding the complaint.

The Complaints Manager may obtain assistance from any staff in order to resolve a complaint and this shall be promptly given.

When a final response to a complaint is provided, the Complaints Manager will advise the complainant of the decision, remedies and resolution as soon as practicable after deciding the outcome.

The final response will be sent to the complainant within 40 days from the date the complaint was received. It should be sent no later than 5 business days after the outcome is approved by the Complaints Manager.

If the complaint relates to a matter that may involve negligence, MW Insurance will notify the Personal Indemnity Insurer about the complaint to discuss the matter.

If the Client is unsatisfied with the response from MW Insurance, the mater can be referred to FSCL. Any investigation by FSCL a Financial Advice Provider or person engaged by MW Insurance, has a duty to   co-operate and communicate during the investigation as requested by FSCL.


What to do if you are not satisfied after making a Complaint

If you feel your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction using the MW Insurance Complaints Process, or you are dissatisfied with the response or resolution, you can contact (FSCL) Financial Services Complaints Ltd. FSCL is a dispute resolution scheme of which we are a member. This service will cost you nothing and is an independent service that will help investigate or resolve the complaint. You can click here to find out how to make a complaint to the FSCL.


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